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Fudoshin - Unbreakable Mind

Since early 2000s, the Fudo-Shin-Ryu Karate School has been providing students with confidence, fitness and self-discipline through the traditional teachings of the Shotokan Karate style, with a 21st Century twist. We focus on developing a sense of determination and a drive to succeed to push our students to the highest standards that they could possibly achieve; both in karate, and in outside.

We are affiliated with the English Karate Organisation with officially recognised instructors and Black Belts.


Please note that due to Covid-19 we are not able to train in our usual locations and times listed below.

We are a COVID safe environment approved by the English Karate Organisation…so learn in safety with us!

Note that during COVID we have limited numbers for our indoor training on Monday's for indoor training with our infant and junior classes.

Please email the club to learn about our current arrangements and if we have space for new starters.


Ruislip Conservative Club

Our Monday School has three classes. Our infant class lets the very young get the basics of karate in a fun and safe environment whilst learning the beginnings of focus and discipline.


Our junior class focuses on challenging our younger students to keep active and to develop the self-discipline and focus they will need to progress in the sport and at school.

Our senior class allows us to be more intense when the student is older and ready to take on tougher challenges.

Due to COVID restrictions we have limited indoor spaces in our classes - over 18s will train outdoors or online depending on weather conditions

Class Timetable:

Infant Class (Ages 4 - 7/8): 6pm-6.30pm

Junior Class (Ages 7/8-13): 7pm-7.30pm

Senior Class (Ages 13+): 7.45pm-8.30pm

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Whiteheath Junior School

Our Wednesday school has the same structure as Monday in terms of age groups and splits.

This class will be online until the start of May, at which point we will begin training outdoors at Whiteheath school if weather allows. If the weather is poor we will resort to online training. 

Class Timetable:

Infant/Junior Class (Ages 4 - 13): 6.15pm-6.45pm

Senior Class (Ages 13+): 7pm-7.30pm

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Intense Advanced Training

Once a month we have special black belt training sessions where we can look at more intense and advanced training not possible in normal classes.

In these classes we look at advanced katas and self-defence techniques.

Train. Challenge. Succeed.




Visitors are always welcome to our school. If there’s anything you’d like to know about our classes and training curriculum, please get in touch, or drop into one of our classes.

Sensei Jon: 07790 491 994

Sensei Tony: 07709 052 077

Monday: Ruislip Gardens School (6pm-8pm)


Wednesday: Whiteheath School (6pm-9pm)

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