Sensei Jon Weare (3rd Dan)

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Sensei Tony Whitehead (3rd Dan)

The longest serving member of the Fudo-Shin-Ryu school, Sensei Tony has been part of the club since 2002.

Training under Sensei Colin, Tony developed quickly and soon began assisting in classes from 2003. With a wealth of experience and a deep dedication and passion for the sport, Sensei Tony strives hard to pass on all the benefits he himself found during his training. 

Sensei Gary (3rd Dan)

Sensei Gary began martials arts as a pre-teen regularly attended both judo and fencing lessons until taking up Shotokan Karate aged 14yrs.

Originally at Blessed Robert Southwell school in Kingsbury Gary graded initially under Sensei Larry (2nd Dan), and later under reknown Sensei's Jim Wilson, K Enoeda (9th Dan Chief Instructor KUGB) and M Kawasoe, H Tomita at their Marshall Street London dojo.

Gary became more focused on his career as a Pharmacist after college, but during this time he continued to train when able; trying some other styles of karate, and even a little kung fu.

Eventually some 25 plus years ago Gary became more involved with security based combat techniques, together with close personal protection and event security management, for a security organization. He also trained with Gintas from Gintas Combat self-defence] who has fighters training for UCMMA (Ultimate Challenge Mixed Martial Arts) titles.

Gary joined 21st Century Karate under Sensei Colin and obtained his 1st Dan (Sept 2012) and 2nd Dan (March 2015) from Sensei Sharkey (10th Dan) at his EKO  training school in Solihull near Birmingham.